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Investor opportunities and finder's fees


Significant long term ROI for investors $25,000 to $150,000

Early Investor Opportunities (JUNE 2018-JUNE 2021) “PROFIT FROM THE PATENT!”

For operating capital during early growth stages 

Get on board with a great new product that works!

FINDER’S FEE ARRANGEMENT -(bringing an investor who closes with nova path creations).

Standard 10% of financing you bring to Nova Path Creations LLC ($20,000 and up)payable at 90 days from receipt of investor funds.

SALES LEAD COMMISSIONS 10% of profits on any order over $50,000 that you bring to Nova Path Creations LLC

(payable at 90 days from receipt, individual terms per deal subject to mutual agreement).

CAPITAL INVESTMENTS($25,000-$75,000) Nova Path Creations will offer you a multiple of your investment payable in 36 months depending on your participation level in contract form. You will be offered shares on a priority basis when the company gets to a first offering period.

FULL CAPITAL BUDGET FUNDERS($100,000 -$250,000): Nova Path Creations will offer you a customized ROI package which can include quarterly dividends after 36 months; preferred stock offerings, and other re-investment opportunities.” SO- THIS PAGE SHOULD HAVE FOUR TEXT HEADERS…CAPITAL INVESTMENTS, FULL CAPITAL BUDGET FUNDERS, FINDERS’FEES ARRANGEMENTS’ and SALES LEAD COMISSIONS.


​​The first ICEKRUSHER prototype, received Friday March 17 2017, worked exactly as intended on ice and frozen snow in a restaurant parking lot. The following Thursday the ICEKRUSHER was tested on a residential property in Hunterdon County NJ by Mrs. T. and her daughters, all under five feet tall. Seeing the ease of use by persons smaller than myself, I knew I had a useful product I could bring to market, and promptly filed a provisional patent application. On March 31 I was granted  provisional application number 62/601,815.

April through October of 2017 was spent researching production options, vetting casting firms, soliciting quotes, outlining a base marketing strategy, and planning the supply chain for potential first orders.  The first 17 years of my career were spent at Yellow Freight, Airborne Express and AIA/Kitty Hawk Air Cargo. All the long hours spent in ground/air cargo operations management, followed by cargo and communication technology sales experience are now bearing fruit for a project that is completely my own!

All this means two very important things to potential investors: First, I have done the homework, field work, planning work and VISION work to give the ICEKRUSHER and future variants the best chance to launch well and succeed. Second, I am ALL IN personally to run, manage and promote the ICEKRUSHER line of products.  URGENT INVESTMENT UPDATE 10/10/18:

On October 10, 2018 Nova Path Creations LLC received the following email from a major on-line retailer of new products, thegrommet.com:

Congratulations! After reviewing your product submission for The IceKrusher, we think it might be a good fit on The Grommet. We’d like to learn more.
Someone from our Discovery team will contact you soon to discuss next steps and to give you additional information about the terms of a potential partnership with us.
Thanks again for sending us your The IceKrusher. We’re excited to explore the possibility of working together.
Grommet Discovery Team