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"I saw the ICEKRUSHER tested on ice in my restaurant parking lot, and it was impressive. It did exactly what the inventor said it would do, and I will be using it to keep my customer access areas ice-free next winter."
Brian C.
Restaurant owner

Union County NJ March 2017
I have the Icekrusher! It is perfect for ice removal, and because of the ingenious design, does not damage the surface below the ice! I also install residential vegetable gardens and the Icekrusher is perfect for tamping soil! I love this product!
Chris Kiernan
Building Services provider

Union County NJ
"The ICEKRUSHER was easy to use and broke up ice quickly with just a few lifts and drops. My young daughters were able to remove ice from our wooden steps without damaging them."
Mrs. T.
Hunterdon County NJ
"Chuck Dashiell, the IceKrusher worked flawlessly today. I cannot say enough, we tried for hours to use a roof shingle scraper with very little luck to break up the ice. I was able to use the IceKrusher and get the job done in about 10 minutes with little effort. Before the ice was cleared I was forced to keep a bay door shut for safety which slowed my productivity down. The IceKrusher broke the surface ice down into little pieces, that were easily scooped up. Gerber Collision & Glass, we need this product for all of our cold weather stores."
Justin Stubler
"I greatly appreciate your introducing me to the Icekrusher tool. I had the to opportunity to evaluate the benefits of this tool. As a sports and rehabilitation chiropractor for over 32 years I focus on what can I suggest or recommend to my patients to help them prevent future injuries. The brilliance of this tool will help break up ice quickly and effectively while eliminating the possibility of accumulated ice causing an injury. As a life long resident of NJ, I have had to deal with ice removal on sidewalks and driveways for many winters. I will recommend the Icekrusher to all my patients as using it will minimize the likelihood of hurting themselves on unexpected ice accumulations."
William B. Bonsall
I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Ice Krusher. It has worked out very well for us! I run a scrap metal facility where a lot of our operation is done outside and we are exposed to the elements year round. Safety is a big priority for us and removing ice is something we need to do. It sure came in handy and was very efficient. We quickly removed ice in front of our warehouse and plant doors to ensure our trucks did not get stuck and our employees did not slip. The most impressive thing was when we needed to remove ice that was on a tarp atop a 30yd container we use for excess insulation. The ice ranged from 8" to 12" in thickness and we had an employee trying to break it apart with a shovel. I sent him down, went up myself and removed it with the iceKrusher in a matter of 5 minutes. I had broken my wrist a few days earlier so I was doing this with one hand! I could not believe how quickly it broke that ice and saved us a ton of time. We use many types of tools and machinery to make our operation run smoothly, and the Ice Krusher will definitely be one of the tools we keep handy during the winter months! Thanks again and I wish you the best of luck, you have a winner!
Ben Jackson III
Operations Manager

Emil A. Schroth, Inc. Farmingdale, NJ 07727