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Uses And Applications For The Icekrusher And Soil Tamper

Sidewalks and steps at schools, municipal offices, and other walking areas under city control

Sidewalks, driveways, delivery areas and steps at hospitals, college campuses, corporate offices, factory complexes, trucking depots, warehouses and outdoor stadiums

Sidewalks, steps and parking lots at any size apartment complex or small business rental property

Use ICEKRUSHER to remove accumulated ice from walking and driving surfaces after water main repairs and fire response events

Sidewalks, delivery areas and steps at post offices, courthouses, Federal/State/County offices, airports and military bases

Restaurant sidewalks, car wash driveways, storefront entrances, medical and legal offices-any public surface leading into your business

individual homeowners, hotel and urban door staff, landscaping firms with ice and snow removal contracts at private homes and commercial accounts

Use ICEKRUSHER to remove ice and compacted snow from decks, steps, landings, pathways and driveways. Protect yourself, your family, and service visitors from dangerous slips and falls.

Use ICEKRUSHER to keep outdoor skirts and water troughs ice-free, and clear a walking path to exercise areas

The unique form and function of the ICEKRUSHER can serve other purposes far beyond ice removal. Watch this section as more applications come in from inspired folks just like you!

Breaking drywall, tile flooring and walls, reducing demolition debris size for easier cleanup, breaking glass panes and window frames

Use ICEKRUSHER to tamp down gravel or soil in fence post holes

Glass and window destruction for faster fire/emergency exiting

Use ICEKRUSHER to firm up soil around tree and shrubbery plantings; tamp down seed plantings

The ICEKRUSHER hammer version can help free people and pets who have fallen through the ice on a body of water (trained rescue personnel ONLY)

Ice fishermen can use ICEKRUSHER to re-open drilled holes the next day; for worm collection use SIDL to drive them to surface by impacting the ground.